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AntiFungal (125g) BR30060

Pigeon Vitality

Is administered to the drinking water together with Improver. It will suppress fungus as Candida Albicans.

Several fanciers lost a lot of good pigeons due to lack of condition and a high stress. One of the reasons may be attach (too high concentration) of the fungal Candida Albican. AntiFungal has been developed to solve the problem of stress, fungals, bad growth of feather. After antibiotics cure the natural micro flora in the birds is destroyed, AntiFungal avoids that.

In mixture with Improver, AntiFungal:

- Improves the orientation of the Pigeons
- Reduces dramatically the fungals in and out stress periods (breeding, race, moulting)
- Gives vitality and high flying performances
- Brings a better recuperation time between the races
- Makes their feather grow faster and beautiful
- Gives a strong body to the pigeon
- Avoid the use of antibiotics

Instruction leaflet Antifungal contains the active ingredient 2,4-heksadienoicacid. This is only active at low acidity in the drinking water (pH<5). Such low acidity will be achieved by giving AntiFungal in combination with Improver. Combined these products will kill the fungals at concentrations corresponding to 100 mg AntiFungal /liter drinking water Preventive.

Dosage :
One coffee spoon (2.5gr) per 5 liters of water.

1 AntiFungal tub of 125gr can treat up to 100 pigeons during 6 months or 100 young birds for a year!

Illimited expiry date if AntiFungal is kept in a dry place.
If contact with the eyes occur, wash with water.
Products very concentrated.

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AntiFungal  (125g)   BR30060