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BelgaMax (400g) BR30065

Pigeon Vitality

Is a combination of electrolytes with B-vitamins, antioxidants and stress-reducing trace elements.

BelgaMax is the top ELECTROLYTE based product containing energy source, mineral salts, amino acids, trace elements and vitamins. Mix with the drinking water to ensure fast rehydration & recuperation to the racing pigeons after the race. The effects are noticed faster than any other pure electrolyte products. To use as well for racers, breeders, young birds & during molting as condition builder.

Instruction of use :
1 measure spoon per 1 liter (or 1/4 Gallon) of water, the day of return of race and the day after. In warm periods give half dosage daily for all pigeons. For breeders, give daily half dosage when YBs grow from 1-2 weeks. Note: change water daily.Content: Dextrose, mineral salts, Lycin, Methonin, selected B-vitamins & more.

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BelgaMax  (400g) BR30065