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Amino-B Complex (250ml) BR300132 (1 Btl) + 1 Free Product

Pigeon Vitality

Breeding Season, Moulting Season, Racing Season

Among the most essential and significant amino acids for feed additives for pigeons are the ones lacking in grain: L-Metionine , L-Lysine, L-Threonine and L-Tryptophane. These are the ones that the pigeons will significantly benefit from as part of their feed additives for – in particular – racing, moulting and breeding.

We have added B-vitamins (choline, B1, B2, B6, B12, folic acid, D-panthenol, nicitinic acid) to this selection of the most important essential amino accids to futher boost the metabolism of the pigeons including stimulating the pigeon’s production of red blod cells. Amazing results were observed when we started the test of this product in our Danish test-loft in the 2020 season, including the fastest pigeon in Denmark from Giesen (792 km) and the fastest pigeon in the region from middle distance beating the closest candidate for the middle distance championship with 140 mpm.

To be given to the drinking water 2 ml/ litre.

In the racing season once a week together with Belgamax and Rebuild at return.

In the breeding and moulting season twice a week.

Young birds: Twice a week until race season starts – thereafter at return as decribed for racing season.

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Amino-B  Complex (250ml) BR300132  (1 Btl)  + 1 Free Product