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Egglight Bird (600g) BR40015


Easily digestible proteins

Egglight Bird is a preparation with 100 % absorbable and highly digestible proteins. It contains a sufficient and balanced amount of essential amino acids. Egglight Bird can partially replace the eggs from the egg food. Thanks to Egglight Bird, it is possible to keep the amount of proteins on the same level, while the number of lipids (present in the yolk), is reduced. That way Egglight Bird prevents an overburdening of the digestive system.

Use :
5 g (= 1 filled coffee spoon) of Egglight Bird delivers the same amount of proteins as a egg weighing 50 g. Except during the breeding period, since the bird has less need for fats then, 30 % to 50 % of the eggs in the egg food can be replaced with Egglicht Bird.

Exception :
Growing youngsters have a high need for proteins, therefore don’t replace the eggs in this period but add 5 g of Egglight Bird to 250 g of egg food.

Never in the drinking-water !

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Egglight Bird (600g)  BR40015