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Energie Oil (250ml) BR60031


Is feed supplement and energy for Racing Pigeons.

- Muscle development
- Energy source
- Lecithin source

Energy oil is a natural energy supplement from a mixture of complementary, high quality, cold-pressed oils. The fish oil content provides unsaturated fatty acids and the lecithin ensures smooth lipometabolism. The rice germ oil content promotes muscle development.

vegetable oils and fats (rice germ oil 15,0%, peanut oil 10,0%, soybean oil 10,0%, beet oil 10,0%, sunflower oil 10,0%, corn oil 10,0%, sesame oil 10,0%), Fish oil (salmon oil 10,0%).

Analytical ingredients:
crude protein 0.0%, crude fiber 0.0%, crude fat 97.8%, crude ash 1.1%, sodium 0.00%, methionine 0.0%, lysine 0.0%.

Additives per 1000 ml:
Technological additives:
Lecithin (E322) 45.000mg

Dosage recommendation: During race 1–2 times per week mix 5 ml with 1 kg of grain feed. Dry this mixture slightly with RO 200 ready

Energie Oil  (250ml)  BR60031