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K+K Protein 3000 (500g) BR60002


Multi-Protein,Muscle Development,Immune Support

K+K Eiweiß 3000 is an easily digestible protein concentrate made from animal and plant proteins with a crude protein content of 65%. In addition to muscle development K+K Eiweiß 3000 supports digestion with the siliceous and healing earth it contains. K+K Eiweiß 3000 also contains valuable immunoglobulins which support the immune system and thus strengthen the body’s defences after the flight. The added limiting amino acid methionine ensures smooth protein metabolism and excellent plumage development during the moult.

Feeding Recommendations:

Racing season:

4 meals starting on the day of return , two measuring spoons (20 g) per 500 g corn.

Breeding and moulting period: 4 meals / week

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K+K Protein 3000 (500g) BR60002