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Krauter-Mix (500g) BR60018 (3 Btl)


Down Feather Moult,Support of the Airway Health,Healinf Herb Mixture

It consists of 17 different herbs. These various natural substances the body compensate for deficits resulting from the fact that
pigeons are not able wylatywania in the field. This product works supportive on the digestive system and respiratory system.
Thanks droppings are of solid consistency, falling down, plumage is shiny and well cared for inhalation.

Recommended use:

2 scoops (1 miarka- 10g) per 1 kg of feed moistened with oil (Energie-ol)

the period of rearing: 2-3 ray week
period lotowy: 1-2 times a week
moulting: 3-4 times per week
winter: 1-2 times a week.

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Krauter-Mix (500g) BR60018    (3 Btl)