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Liver Clean Liquid (250ml)

Pigeon Vitality

Liver Clean Liquid (250ml)

The main function of the Pigeon’s liver is to remove toxins from the pigeon’s body, which can include varied chemical as well as physiological substances. When the pigeon’s liver is overloaded with work then it can face problems in clearing the toxins, which results in congested liver or liver congestion. There are basically several causes of liver congestion in pigeons including various diseases, parasites, bacteria as salmonella¹, use of medicines and stress from demanding races

Such a situation can leave the pigeons feel tired and reduce it’s immune defence system, and may prolong the time needed for recuperation after sickness, medicine cures and after hard races!

The Pigeon Vitality Liver Clean (powder or liquid) cleanse the liver by a detoxification process in 2-3 days.
62,40 $CA

Liver Clean Liquid  (250ml)