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Megabactin Bird (250g) BR40022


Intestinal balance

Megabactin Bird preserves the intestinal balance of the bird. It regulates the intestinal transit. It gives natural consistency to excreta. It guarantees an optimal pH-value during the digestion. It covers the intestinal mucosa with a protective film. It contains probiotics. Never in the drinking-water.

Use :
During the breeding period, the moulting and in case of stress : administer 1 coffeespoon (2 g) over 250 g of egg food or food 3 days per week in combination with Fertol (Breeding Oil) Bird, Murol (Moulting Oil) Bird or Stressol (Stress Oil) Bird (according to the period).

During the resting period : 1 coffee spoon (2 g) over 250 g of egg food or food 1 day per week.

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Megabactin Bird (250g)  BR40022