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Moorgold (1000g) BR60019


Bowel Cleanse,Firm Droppings,User Friendly

Moorgold is a pure concentrate of healing mud. The humic acids contained in the intestine
bind harmful substances and thus promote the natural discharge from the body. The new
formula also contains special fibers, causing firm droppings after two to three feedings with
Moorgold and the digestion is affected positively. The new formula of Moorgold is gel-like,
which makes it particularly user-friendly and efficient.

Feeding instructions:
During the moulting, resting or breeding in the preparation. As
required 2 -3 times per week 1 tablespoon per 1 kg feed. To bind we recommend Topfit feed
lime, herbs Complete Mix, Offspring powder or after treatments Entrobac.
Storage: Keep tightly closed at +25 ° C
Please stir well before use
net mass: 1000 g

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Moorgold (1000g) BR60019