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Clean Oral (500ml) BR30105


Clean Drinking Bowls

Product Info
Clean oral is a product based on probiotics that can be mixed with the drinking water to safeguard the troughs from algae and pathogenic germs.

Through the presence of probiotics, a healthy microflora is obtained, whereby the growth of the threatening biofilm is decelerated. The probiotic germs of Clean oral work optimally within an acidity (pH) from 5.5 to 9. It is a common use to add apple cider vinegar or any other organic acids to the drinking water (up to 4.0 pH to 4.5) in order to end the growth of infectious agents in the water bowl. Thus, these cannot be administered at the same time with Clean oral. These acids will decelerate the growth of Clean oral germs.

Use in the bath water is also recommendable. It even doesn’t make any sense to add acids as the germs of Clean oral probiotic are much more effective and less irritating to the mucous membranes of the animals. Moreover, the intended effect of these classic acids to inhibit the growth of infectious germs is only established in the waterbowl and not in the digestion system of the birds.

However, this effect can be obtained by pouring Roni over the food, which ensures that the acids are produced in the notches of the last part of the intestine, with the additional benefit of a better absorption of the acids itself and of the minerals.
Shake before use.

Mix 1ml per liter of drinking water in the troughs.
Simultaneous use of biocides must be avoided.
Before use prepared the Clean Oral solution remains active for a maximum of 5 days (when mixed with water).

Resistant to water temperatures between 5°C and 70°C, and with a pH between 5,5 and 9.

Store at temperatures between 5°C and 45°C out of direct sunlight.
Contains probiotics Biodegradable Safe for humans and the environment

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Clean Oral (500ml)  BR30105