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Ultracom Bird (70g) BR30122


Contains a mixture of 10 active components That we chose.

Product Info
Ultracom contains a mixture of 10 a ctive components that we chose to:

1. increase the resistance of the organism

2. support the defence system

3. clear the respiratory tract

4. support the respiratory system

5. use against fluid dropping

6. normalize the digestion

7. promote the development of the good intestinal bacteria

8. put the pigeons in condition prior to the exposition

9. support the muscles

10. maintain the joints supple

Usage 2.5g (1 level coffee spoon) per 250g of food.

Formules Gluco-oligosachariden, gelatine, tarwe dextrine, gist. Toevoegingsmiddelen: Anti-klontering: sepioliet (E562) 110 mg/kg, Micro-organismen per kg: Bacillus subtilis C-302 (EU 4b1820) 8×10¹º CFU Waarborgen: ruw eiwit 30%, ruw vet 1%, ruw celstof 40%, ruwe as 3%, natrium 1%, methionine 1%, lysine 2%. Gefabriceerd 2 jaar voor de aangegeven datum van minimumhoudbaarheid


Ultracom Bird (70g)  BR30122