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Avibac Stabilizer (1000ml) BR60063


Probiotic microflora • Reduces infection pressure • better shape

Avibac Stabilizer is a product that creates a stable and useful environment by occupying it with safe, probiotic bacteria. In this way, a healthy microflora is formed in the pigeon beat.
Avibac Stabilizer is safe for all surfaces, biodegradable, economical in use and has a lasting after-effects, which usually makes disinfection unnecessary.
For thorough cleansing in the case of heavy soiling before the start of breeding and departure, or before setting off the young pigeons and in case of acute illnesses, a thorough cleaning is recommended.

• Dilute the required quantity of Avibac Stabilizer, dilute 1 part of Avibac Stabilizer with 2 parts of handwarm water (activate the bacteria).
• Shake the product thoroughly before use.
• Ensure that the environment to be stabilized is thinner and thinner.

Danger !!!!
After dilution, the product must not be used for more than five days.

Recommended dosage:
Dovecaps: 100 ml Avibac® Stabilizer for approx. 50 m² floor area.
• Normal impact: 1-2 x per week.
• Heavy impacts: daily.

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Avibac Stabilizer (1000ml) BR60063