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Avidress Plus (1000ml) BR60008


Very effective in Preventing Salmonella, E-Coli, trichomoniasis, and streptococci.

Experiences: Many vets who specialise in
pigeons confirm that there is rarely any evidence
of pathogenic organisms (trichomonads
& bacteria) in the crop smear of pigeons
fed with Avidress Plus.
Feeding recommendation:
Administer daily throughout the year during
racing season, breeding, moult and rest
time: 10ml (1 dosage) per 2 litre of drinking
water. Administration of medicines at the
same time should always be discussed with
a vet first.
The dose size in the bottle neck is 10ml.
Avidress Plus can be mixed with CarniSpeed,
UsneGano and Entrobac without
a problem.
Shake before use!

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Avidress Plus (1000ml)   BR60008