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Winmix Bird (250g) BR40040


Complete formula

Winmix Bird gives the birds all vitamins and oligo elements which are necessary for an active and harmonious life. It contains proteins which are important for a firm muscular system and which are indispensable during the breeding period. Other elements are vegetable fibres for a balanced digestion and vegetable extracts which are wholesome for the bird's health. Every element of Winmix Bird is perfectly dosed to obtain a balanced and co-ordinated action. Furthermore, it has a highly absorbable form to ensure that each dose of Winmix Bird reaches its goal and is 100 % effective. With Winmix Bird your birds are even more beautiful and powerful ! You will notice the difference after just a few days.

Use :
1 coffeespoon (2 g) per kg of food; can be given daily all year long. For a more specific use in difficult times : 1 coffee spoon (2 g) per 250 g of food.

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Winmix Bird (250g)  BR40040