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Avisana (50ml) BR60075


Protected nose drops

Protected nose drops
Active cleanser for all mucous membranes such as nose and eyes, wounds and affected body parts. The product builds a healthy and stable microflora by firing safe probiotics bacteria in these places. It is PH-neutral, highly distributed in use and contains gene color or odor substances. Avisana is a probiorica film on the treated surface with a long-term effect, which means that it does not need to disinfect these places.


For each flight a drop in each nostril. After each flight, on the day of home or divorce. After a training flight in the rain to prevent irritation of the mucous membranes. During the whole year, discolouration of the nose or tearing eyes twice a day or drop of the affected skin surface.


Keep cool and dry

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Avisana (50ml) BR60075