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Improver (200g) BR30058 (1)

Pigeon Vitality

All resulting in great vitality and good immune defence system.

A unique patent protected product (natural organic acids) designed to protect the racing pigeons against bacterial diseases such as: Paratyphoid, Salmonella, E.coli, Adenovirus, Fungals, Canker, Trichomoniasis, Ornithosis, Chlamidya, Ornithosis and more. At the same time bringing the pigeon in top condition week after week with all the vitamins needed!

Many fanciers in more than 40 countries have already experienced extraordinary results from using Improver, including national championship winners and national ace pigeons.

- Improves the vitality all year long and flying performances;
- Maintain the good health of the bird by killing the bad bacteria in water (salmonella, e.coli, canker, paratyphoid, trichomoniasis etc)
- Reduces dramatically the sickness, and balance the microflora well all year long!
- Makes their feather grow faster and beautiful in and off season
- Gives to the pigeon a strong body and ease the breeding and moulting periods
- Reduces dramatically the fungals and avoid the use of antibiotics

Improver helps the Adenovirus resistance! - Young Bird Diseases.

Reports from customers indicate that Adenovirus I (young bird disease) infected young birds rapidly improve their condition after being given Improver to their drinking water. Some fanciers don't see the Adenovirus symptoms in their young birds after starting with daily administration of Improver in their drinking water.

Possible explanation :
From scientificly designed in-vitro test it has been shown that E.coli bacterias are killed by Improver at very low concentration levels (0.03 w%). By normal use of Impover (i.e. 0.05 w%) the E.coli bacterias are thus killed in the pigeons intestines. As Adenovirus (young bird sickness) is a complex sickness interacting with E.coli bacterias in it's second phase, this may explain the rapid recovery of infected birds. Of course, Improver does not cure the sickness as Adenovirus is a virus disease and not a bacterial one. However, it seems to take much of the burden from the disease and helps the youngsters to develop immunity without losing too much energy.

Dosage :
One coffee spoon (2.5gr) per 5 liters of water.
1 Improver tub of 225gr can treat up to 100 pigeons during 10 months or 100 young birds for 1.5 year!

Illimited expiry date if Improver is kept in a dry place
If contact with the eyes occur, wash with water.
Products very concentrated.

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Improver   (200g)  BR30058   (1)