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Myobol Oiseaux (1Kg) BR30126


Muscle volume, development of the plumaje, production of sebum

Information produit
– create more muscle volume during breeding

– well development of the plumaje

– optimal production of sebum (oil on the pens)

– quick results, already noticeable after several days

– provides a better appetite.

Due to the beneficial effect of Myobol on the development of the muscles it is extremely suitable to prepare the birds for the exhibitions or to recover from them.

The bird develops a large and solid muscular system and thus has a proud and dominant posture.
It is recommended to combine with Fertibol .

Fertibol ensures well-formed eggs and a strong skeleton.

10 g per 250 g of total feed (eggfood and / or seed)

Myobol Oiseaux (1Kg)   BR30126