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Preparest Pigeon (300g) BR30042



Preparest is the most appropriate product to prepare your pigeons for the next season. It prevents a quick aging thanks to its beneficent effect on the bones, the muscles and the ligaments. Thanks to Preparest, your pigeon will wear out less quickly.

Use :
Preparest is to be administered from the moulting till the breeding.

During the moulting : daily 1 coffee spoon (5 g) per kg of food.

After the moulting : daily 1 soup-spoon (15 g) per kg of food until the beginning of the breeding period.

Preparest can also be given without any problems to prepare the muscles before super long distance races. In that case, give daily 1 soup-spoon (15 g) per kg of food during 10 days.

Preparest  Pigeon (300g)  BR30042